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Nicolás Dupont | Sorry, Sorry

09.06.2023 – 08.07.2023 @ shower

Imagine you are abroad and find your parked car dented after a few days, with a note on the windscreen:


Dupont's mystical everyday studies come across like friendly, dismissive gestures. His protagonists are loners in a backdrop-like, sultry, iridescent, morbid reality, which he portrays brashly and delicately without getting too close to them. It seems to be the necessary safe distance to highlight and preserve the observer and the observed in its very own, bizarre form of existence. Snapshots of seemingly unobserved, intimate nature succeed, always provoking questions about staging or coincidence. Threatening, charged calm is built up by manneristic, precise and then again rapid, impulsive brushstrokes. Glossy, plump surfaces never completely cover dull, brittle underpaintings. In Dupont's work, landscape, man, animal and thing are celebrated as equal characters in their inadequacy and confronted with their formal limitations.

He studied at the Hochschule für Bildende Künste in Dresden and completed his master's degree with Prof. Ralf Kerbach in 2014. In 2010, he studied for a year as an Erasmus student at the Hochschule für Bildende Künste in Vienna in the class of Amelie von Wulffen. In his solo exhibition, he shows current works, including works that have just been created during his residency, at the Meet Factory in Prague.