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Lauriane Dine, Nele Hendrikje Sandner, Dominique Hille | Museum of Pink

09.09.2023 – 07.10.2023 @ shower


What is the significance of the colour pink in the modern world? What image does it evoke?
How does the colour pink influence our growing up?
What image does it convey to us in terms of femininity or masculinity?
What meaning does it carry for non-binary and queer people?
Where do we encounter it in everyday life? In what ways is this colour talked about?

In the past, the colour pink was often associated with traditional female stereotypes and gender roles. This led to controversial discussions about gender politics and feminism - a debate that continues to this day. The political dimension of Rosa in art is inescapable, grounded in its ability to strike the delicate balance between the feminine and female empowerment. But is it possible to free oneself from it? 
We use pink consciously without being influenced by traditional stereotypes. For us, it's about exploring the diverse possibilities and nuances of the colour and using them creatively without letting ourselves be restricted by prevailing conventions.
So our "museum" not only conveys a political message. Pink has accompanied us since childhood and is often the first identifying sign of the "female" gender. We want to show that the horizon of its meaning is much wider. It stands for a whole range of emotions, from the gentlest to the strongest. It embodies personal memories and wonderful fantasies. Our works show that pink is a language with many facets. It is a tool we consciously use to express, reflect and move. It reminds us of the complexity of identity, the fullness of emotion and the beauty of contradiction. Pink is used here as a powerful means of self-expression, subversion and reflection.